Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer, Arts & Etsy Shop Announcement

Summer is Around The Corner (ATC)!!

That may not mean much to some people but this family gets excited about summer!  Summer for us means that all-things-creative get the bulk of our attention and "schooling" gets to take a rest for a while.  This Queen Mum certainly looks forward to a much less scheduled day.  The royal kiddos look forward to swimming, crafting, swimming, eating, swimming, watching movies, etc. You get it!

These last few weeks have been filled with exciting progress.

I finally opened my Etsy shop,

 *wild clapping, confetting falling, woo - hoo!!!*

Here are some samples of the items I am currently offering.

 Two Hearts, Too Cute     $15.00


These sweet little crocheted bracelet cuffs all started when I was playing around with my needle and cream thread one evening while the television was on.  I made myself a cuff, wore it and loved it!  Loved how it looked and how it felt on my arm.  So darn cute!

That first cuff led to another cuff and then another.  Before I knew it, I had worked up 8 different designs.  After I cautiously asked my resident art critics what they thought, it was decided that I could certainly try to sell them at

Here's another sweet little bit of organized thread.....................


Do you or do you not think this is lovely and totally unique?!?!  The ties are a full 20" in length to allow the wearer to either wear it long on the torso or pull it up closer to the neckline.  Versatile.  Beautiful.

Etsy is a market place for all things handmade and vintage.  The gals in our house love to browse the shops.  There is no end to all the creative bits of artistry that come from the hearts of people!

Not to be intimidated by all things tech, I jumped right in and opened up the shop.  Within 24 hours I had my first sale!  WOW!!  That was exciting.

I've learned even more since I've begun.  I love how easy it is to tweak the shop's appearance, move items around, edit content, etc.  Etsy also has a great business support network that keeps the artists informed, educated and plugged into ways to market the products.  It's really VERY generous and very affirming.  I'm having a ball!

So, for those of you who have missed me recently - that's the story.  I've been working hard at learning another new thing.  Creating new jewelry pieces on paper, finding inspiration in multiple places, dreaming up new possibilities.......................

Good thing summer is here!!

I'ld love to hear your comments about my Etsy shop and the things you find there.

I've got a give away up my sleeve.  Stay tuned and you could have your own piece of Queen Mums Lace.