Saturday, October 1, 2011

Letting Go....Taking Flight

The HMS & Queen Mum's home has turned a major corner in the past two weeks.  We have married off our only son and gained a new daughter!  We have travelled to separate events that sanctioned, legalized and celebrated this blessed occassion. 

There are professional pics that are in the editing stage.  Looking to share those with you later. I thought you might enjoy a few of our very candid shots of what turned out to be one of the sweetest days in our family's history.  I've included a brief snapshot of the day.

The happy couple married on family, deer camp land that has been part of the bride's life for as long as she has been on this planet, plus another 10 - 15 years give or take.  One week before the actual wedding day, temperatures in our state were in triple digits and had been for a solid 60+ days.  Dangerously hot! And, might I say, not very festive for an outdoor wedding.  We were anticipating serious heat to greet us on the big day.  Fortunately the weather took an abrupt turn and we went from summer to fall within a 24 hour period.  Yippee!  While in caravan to the celebration spot it began to rain.  Not only has our part of the country been hot, we have been in the midst of a severe drought.  This rain really did feel like a blessing to us!  We were so grateful to have the rain we didn't even think to complain about what the rest of our day would involve as a result.

Bright green signs signalled that we were getting closer to our destination.  There were lots of giggles and chattering going on in the car as we made our way. 

Once we arrived there was the anticipated flurry of last minute activities.  Cars had to be parked.  Last minute decorations were hung.  Benches were wiped down once more after the rain had given them a final rinse. Groomsmen were prepped. Bridesmaids were fluffed.  Fathers changed from working clothes to something more suitable.  Mothers kicked out of their sneakers and slipped on highly impractical shoes.  Guests were greeted and pointed to the newly constructed outhouses.  Small children were excited to see all the dirt and spent rifle shells that littered the ground.  Small children were also disappointed that these distractions were not really part of the day's happenings.

And then all too soon, he took his place on the platform........

The last 22 years of our lives together flashed before me in a brief clip.  That weird little rewind of the past that races through your mind.  I was so proud of myself!  I did not shed one tear.  I simply couldn't.  He was radiant in his joy for this very moment.  His face presented nothing but calm confidence as he stood ready to receive his bride. There was not one trace of doubt or nervousness.  He was hers and she was his.

Then I turned to look at her.  Everything that a bride should be........beautiful...oh, so beautiful, excited, pulsing with expectation, gleaming with joy and eyes locked on the groom of her choosing.  That's when I saw the future crowd out my past.  Here was my new daughter.  That's when the tears arrived.  What did not come when I saw my son came far to easily when I looked at this lovely girl.  The future stood before me in a white bridal gown and cowboy boots.  We would laugh together and cry together.  We would celebrate large and small days and more often than not we would be eating too much together.  Our arms would sooth babies together.  We would share cooking chores, home management tips, husband management strategies. And prayer.  We would share many prayers.  She was part of our future. 

We watched the whole ceremony with trembling smiles and sparkling eyes.  Chuckling at the funny little things that happened that weren't scripted.  Crying at the tremendous love that was poured out onto these two grown children. So much love. So much joy. One exultant, definitive kiss to seal the vows and claim the bride. Done.

Then it was all over.  Tables were readied.  Instructions were given.  A prayer was offered.

  The bride and groom took their special reserved spots marked by personalized artwork.

We celebrated with a decadent shrimp boil generously scattered down the center of the paper wrapped tables.  Paper towels and fingers were our only serving pieces. We ended the day with root beer floats.

It was a down home, full-on country wedding celebration.  The reports have been that it was so much fun and so fitting for the day.  So fitting for the couple.

We couldn't agree more!  Here's to the future.