Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Corner of the Home :: Studio Journal

 Humble Hearted Corner
There is one place in our home that constantly needs attention.  It is forever being used, neglected.  Certainly, overlooked and taken for granted.  This spot is passed by, over and through many times in a typical day.  The abuse it has seen is relentless.  Complaint has never been poured back to the abuser.  Silent service is all this spot has offered for over twenty-three years. 

Each season I dress this corner accordingly.  This bright, sunny morning it held a vintage teapot that was a gift to me by a Secret Sister.  A beautiful little pot that brings a smile with it's cheery blue.  The blue devilled egg plate is also a vintage family piece that belonged to my mother and was passed to me.  The small cream plate is part of a thrift store find of seven pieces of Wedgwood decorated cream ware.  Who doesn't appreciate beauty at a bargain price?!?

I can never resist embroidered vintage linens when I am lucky enough to stubble onto them at the thrift store.  Small dresser scarfs can work anywhere in my home.  I always admire the time and heart that can be found in these pieces.  The original owner also took the time to crochet a simple but lovely border to her piece.  I wonder where she placed it in her home?  I hope it brought her as much pleasure as it brings to me.

July mornings, when this picture was taken, burn hot and bright in central Oklahoma.  My kitchen sink, literally positioned in the corner of the work triangle, is a place of refreshment on those unending hot days. 

 This sink has been the place where impromptu arias have been performed.
Giggling siblings have whispered here.
  Dancing has been known to break out in front of it's suds-filled tubs. 
 Tears have been cried here.
  Prayers have been prayed. 
 Hearts have broken and been healed here.
  Wisdom has been sought out and dispensed. 
   Troubles have been quietly contemplated.
  Blessings have been recounted and tenderly acknowledged. 
 Plans have been made.
  Triumphs have been celebrated. 
 Babies have been swayed in front of this corner place. 
 Fevers have been tended.
  Cuts have been rinsed and bandaged.  
Arguments have erupted and quelled before this humble spot. 
Partner to countless meals, holiday feasts, birthday celebrations and totally bombed meals *ahem*. 

Fiery bouts of passionate kissing are reported to have happened here.  I don't call him the HMS (His Manly Self) for nothing!  He has a reputation to uphold............

This humble corner.  Heart of our home.

What does your corner look like?  I'd love to read your list of corner happenings in your comment.

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