Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday's Muse from Etsy

Here are a few shops that I visited on a recent morning.  Maybe I was shopping to avoid starting the laundry but that is beside the point.  You get the benefit of my procrastination!  Now, that's a great way to start the week.

Enjoy! got my attention with all the unique uses for buttons.  Creative!  I love her way of putting an ordinary object into a different setting and turning it into something lovely to wear or carry.  The sidenote is that she's a one woman show and she's still in high school.  Gotta love that!

$18.60 USD

$15.60 USD  earned a spot because 1) they are two sisters who create together and 2) because I loved their use of materials.  Their love of sewing and creating together comes thru in their artwork.  I love it when syblings work art together!  Makes this Queen Mum proud.

Summery sunshine clutch  
$25.00 USD

$25.00 USD

The last spot for the day was earned by  This mom and daughter duo has won my heart with their inspired bits of artwork that can be worn.  Their jewelry is fabulous and, therefore, YOU will also look fabulous when you slip one of these beauties on before you dart out the door.  Yummy!

  • Mountain painting in metal frame necklace
    $45.00 USD

  • Mini Painting Pendant and Earrings Sunset on Bare Tree
    $45.00 USD

  • There are so many terrific shops on Etsy for every conceivable taste and budget.  The next time you need a gift, spend a little time shopping for handmade instead of running to the nearest big box for something uninspired and boring.  Etsy rocks! 

    Monday's Muse from Etsy will appear again next Monday.  So drop back by.  You never know what I'll find.................................

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