Friday, August 26, 2011

Corner of Our Home 2 :: Studio Journal

I was working on a different project last week when I ran across more pictures of the Corner that I featured in my last Studio Journal.  They were so pretty I wanted to share them with you.  Take a peek!

This shelf is one of my favorite places to decorate!
No one else pays much attention to it
so it stays just like I want it.
The devilled egg serving dish is just the most incredible shade of blue! I don't use it much as a serving piece but I decorate with it often.  The blue shade just makes me happy and I love that it is vintage.

The "hand washers" view. 
Isn't it sweet?!?
 The large aluminum serving tray and the blue ceramic tray that are paired together in the plate easel are both thrift store finds.  I pick up aluminum serving pieces if I like the decorations they contain.  They are plentiful in our area and very reasonably priced (< $2).  The yellow cream pitcher was also a thrift store treasure.  Beautifully glazed with floral embossing and marked "Italy" it can hold anything needed.  Today it is holding a deep blue fabric hydrangea bloom.
Who could resist a laughing frog?
Silver pieces make me smile, too.

This window sill gets a fair amount of decorating attention, as well.  My little laughing frog normally stays in this corner of my world - sometimes on the shelf, sometimes by the sink and sometimes in the window area.
When I see him, he reminds me to laugh and not take life so seriously.  I've had it so long I don't even remember how he came to be mine.

The silver tea pot can from, you guessed it, the thrift store.  It's really a fantastic piece!  It was created with an organic vibe.  The handle looks like a twisted branch and leaf.  The spout looks like rolled cabbage leaves.  A lid was not with it when I purchased it. Sad, I know.  The silver is the real deal, though, and according to my research cost a tidy sum when it was originally purchased.  One man's junk, another man's treasure....................

Mason Jar filled with vintage cream buttons.

The idea to wrap the mason jar with vintage paper and twine came from a blog that I regularly follow,  Jenny Doh is the very talented creator of this inspiring place on the net.  She has helped me gain a new appreciation for mason jars and all that they can be/do.  The vintage paper was torn from an old french language textbook.  Add some twine, old sewing notions, a coffee stained tag topped with typed label ......... there you have it.

Unique cuteness that you won't find anywhere else but my little Corner of the Home.  Cheers!

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